Facts and Questions

What is Moving Media?

Moving media is a site that allows users to build movie-like content for media around the web. The site integrates in with a number of 3rd party sites to deliver an entertaining experience allowing users to be creators with the static content they already have come to love.

What does Moving Media do with the information it collect from 3rd party sites?

This can be seen in detail on our privacy policy page.

What do I agree to by using Moving Media?

Every user who uses Moving Media must abide by the terms we have laid out. This ensures a fun, safe, friendly and entertaining experience for people all across the world.

Where can I find documentation on how to create or edit a movie?

There is an entire documentation section dedicated to helping users learn how to use the site.

When I post my movie link to Facebook, why doesn't the image and description show up correctly?

Facebook caches metadata about urls that reference Facebook objects. Each movie contains metadata within the page that tells Facebook about the movie. If the metadata is retrieved before the page was completed or before edits were made to the movie, the metadata Facebook has stored is now stale.

To fix the stale data, go to Facebook's object debugger page and in the input url box, paste your movie url.

Facebook Debugger

Then click on the Fetch new scrape information link. Next time you go to post your link, the new metadata should be used.

Why do I have to press play twice for movies on mobile devices?

Mobile devices are aware that your data is valuable to you over cellular networks. Because of this fact, mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) don't allow video, and sometimes audio, files to be played automatically or via scripting through javascript without a user gesture such as pressing a play button.

If a movie contains audio or video assets and you are browsing from a mobile operating system, the first time you press play for a movie you will load the content while the second time you press play will play the movie so all media will work correctly.